How do I watch movies

Posted 07 December, 2019

How do I watch movies here?

Click on one of the links that say “Link 1” or “Link 2”, etc to be taken to a page where the movie is hosted. Once on the page, press play. We do not host movies, we simply post links to movies that we find.
Videos don’t work!

If you got both players and the video still isn’t playing for you, or you get some sort of an error, you should try another version of that movie by clicking another link. You are encouraged to report broken links, by clicking the appropriate link next to each version. We will try to find alternates for you to watch.
Video stops often, and says “buffering” or “loading” or something similar

Most of these videos are hosted on servers in other countries, which are located on crappy connections, so they will lag for people in certain countries. We suggest you let the movie load, press pause, and let it load for a couple of minutes in the background, and then you can start watching it.

If you are a nice and helpful user of the site leave a comment and other people can give you their thanks because they will have an review about the movie watched.

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